Ball Cap Helmet Sticker Pack

US$39.95 US$25.00

Have you seen Bonefish's Original Leatherneck Ball Cap?!?!  Well, how about making his design into a custom Ball Cap helmet?!?  DOT-approved, or vanity style!!  Either one will work perfectly.

Pick yourself up either a DOT-approved ball cap helmet from Beanie Helmets dot com ( Or acquire a vanity style from Mikes Pro Lids (, which can also can be found and purchased on Amazon.   

** The photos are of my personal DOT helmet from Beanie Helmets **  

The application process is simple!  You can either stick it like a regular sticker, however, it may peel back over time.  Apply the sticker as you would window tint for a more permanent solution.  Peel the protective backing off of the sticker, then spray it with soapy water; Next spray the desired area of application with soapy water as well.  Place and slide the sticker to the desired point, then use a squeegee to remove the excess soapy water.  Once dry, it will remain in place and be most difficult to remove.