Leathernecks MC International, Inc. 

    The Leathernecks MC International Inc. (LMCI) is a Motorcycle Club dedicated to supporting Veterans, Marine Corps-related functions, charitable organizations, and keeping POW/MIA awareness alive. The purpose of the club is to foster a brotherhood dedicated to United States Marines and United States FMF Corpsman Veterans, and the sport of motorcycle riding.


    We are not associated with, affiliated with, or endorsed by the United States Marine Corps in any way shape or form.  The Leathernecks Motorcycle Club International, Inc. (LMCI) is the Original Leathernecks MC, and we are not affiliated with any other "Leathernecks MC".  Do not be fooled, this webpage IS NOT us:  www.leathernecksmc.com!!  Our OFFICIAL Leathernecks Motorcycle Club International, Inc. webpage is here: https://www.leathernecks-mc.org