We are THE ORIGINAL Leathernecks Motorcycle Club

     We, The Leathernecks Motorcycle Club International, Inc. (LMCI), are a 100 percent NEUTRAL Motorcycle Club.  Our membership is comprised of Active Duty, Reserve, Retired and Inactive Members of the United States Marine Corps who have successfully completed boot camp and the United States Navy FMF Corpsman that were discharged under any condition, excluding Dishonorable Discharge.  If you fall into one or more of these categories, you may be eligible for membership in LMCI. However, those with arrest authority, those who have had arrest authority or those who will be granted arrest authority, from any government authority (Local, State or Federal) are not eligible for membership within the ranks of LMCI.

     LMCI is a traditional three piece patch MC.  Within our organization, Marines and FMF Corpsman can find the brotherhood we had in the Corps, but is lacking in general society; along with some enjoyable "Wind Therapy",  as we like to call it.  We embody and value Courage, Strength, and Commitment, just like in the USMC and Navy.  However, we have adopted above all else, Loyalty.  Sharing blood sweat and tears, only makes you acquainted or blood related.  However, it is Loyalty that what makes you FAMILY.  We expect nothing less from those who wish to be part of our club.  Remember, just as not every person has what it takes to be a Marine, the same goes for our club.   Not every Marine has what it takes to be an Original Leatherneck.  You should not ask yourself what we can offer you but rather, ask yourself what you bring to our brotherhood.  

   Our motto, and you will hear this time and again, is Family, Work, Club.  That means just what it says.  However, we do expect a certain level of commitment from our members.  A patched member fully believes that if a brother has a need, and he is able to help him, then it is expected of him that he do so.  Just like when you were in the Marine Corps in your specific units, you would all share the load to meet the mission requirements.  We are looking for potential members who sincerely want to participate in our camaraderie, unit-cohesion, and Esprit-De-Corps, and most importantly, RIDE MOTORCYCLES.  We are looking for Marines and FMF Corpsmen who participate as best as they are able, who goes out of their way to meet patched members, who asks questions, and who stays engaged.  

      If you think you measure up and you'd like to learn more, educate yourself about the Motorcycle Communities here at RCvsMC then send us a message at this link and a Brother will contact you. 

~ Semper Fidelis ~