Down Rider / Kill Card

US$9.95 US$5.00

Full Name Home Street Address City, State, Zip

Any and all you want listed If None, type "None"

Your Blood Type Ex: O+ / O- / AB+ /

Any drug allergies Ex: Sudafed, Penicillin, Morphine

Whom you would like to be contacted in order of precedence for contact, in this format - Full Name (Relationship) Number Ex: Biker Jenny (Ol' Lady) 867-5309

Any medications that are regularly in you system a 1st responder would need to know about.

Any known medical condidtions that a medical professional would need to be concerned with when providing treatment

A medical card to be carried with you while you're out riding.  In the event you go down, or even if you're out in your cut.  This card will have the necessary information to keep the personnel working on you to contact the people you want to be contacted and give them all the required information for care.  

Known Drug Allergies and Blood Type will be on both sides, as well as your preferred emergency points of contact.  One side will have your prescribed or taken medications, as well as any currently known medical conditions.  the other side will have your personal contact information and any food allergies. 

The photo is the front and back of the same card.   


Reach out directly to if there is anything else you would want custom added to the cards